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Luxury dome tents differ from traditional camps by providing ample space, resort-like comfort, safety, panorama view from indoor and etc. Shelter Dome has developed a range of luxury dome igloos to bring guests distinctive glamping experiences in the Wadi Rum desert.

Turnkey Solution Of Eco Resort Domes In Wadi Rum

In this campsite, both 19ft(6 m) glamping domes and 16ft(5 m) dwell domes aim to serve different guests. The former performs as honeymoon suite whilst the latter functions standard guest room.

Deluxe King Room : 19ft (6 m) Luxury Dome Tents

Each luxury dome tent provides hotel room facilities, and its clear-span design allows creative indoor decoration without limitation. A door-to-ceiling one-way mirror easily divides the dwell dome into two separated parts, bedroom living room combo, and bathroom. In the middle of the bedroom living room combo, there is a king-size round bed toward the bay window. What’s more, two lounge chairs and a round coffee table are near the PVC window. As for the bathroom, guests can see through the one-way mirror inside whilst only the reflection of the mirror. These luxury dome tents are designed and built with environmental awareness. The installation and usage of the glamping domes are relatively undisturbed natural areas. Also, a solar Exhaust Fan is installed on the top of each 19 ft(6 m) luxury dome tent.

Deluxe Twin Room : 16ft (5 m) Eco-Living Domes

A log cabin with door functions as an entrance and the connection between a bathroom kit and the dwell dome. Walking through the entrance, 16ft (5 m) luxury dome tents perform as dwelling domes, fitting with twin beds and a nightstand. Considering privacy and visual experience, each luxury dome tent comes with a custom bay window toward the isolation view. In addition, a triangular mesh window allows ventilation while keeping debris out.


An incredibly enchanting place, a camp of great quality, the rooms are very spacious, clean, and allowed us to sleep while admiring the stars. We noticed that each room, or tent, has a breathtaking view of the desert.
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Why Domes Are Perfect For Desert?

Sturdy Geodesic Structure:

Keep Safe In Severe Weather During the hot summer months, Wadi Rum desert sometimes has “khamsin” and sandstorms. Khamsin is a dry, hot and sandy southern wind blowing from the Arabian Peninsula. Therefore, it must take these extreme weather into consideration. It is not a secret that geodesic structure itself is sturdy enough to resist strong wind and heavy snow. Besides, Shelter Dome chooses powder-coated steel pipe Q235 as the dome framework to meet up to 100 km/h wind load and up to 0.5 kN/㎡ snow load.

Custom Membrane: Matching Wadi Rum’s Wonderful View

After fulfilling the on-site measurement, designers picked the color beige for the membrane. Firstly, color beige matches the surrounding environment, the majestic beauty of the red and gold desert. Secondly, it brings calm and relaxing feeling. At the same time, the campsite owner would love to let every guest admire the stunning mountain views indoor. Therefore, Shelter Dome customizes large bay windows with transparent membranes. Most importantly, the high-grade membrane is waterproof, fire retardant(DIN 4102 B1/B2), moisture-proof, shock resistant and easy-easy.

Insulation Layer: Ensuring The Best Indoor Temperature

It is well-acknowledged that sands make it hot in the daytime and chilled at night in the desert. In other words, there could be a big difference in the temperature between day and night At the very beginning of this project, designers decide to use custom insulation layers to solve the problem. Insulation layers can maintain a comfortable temperature in luxury dome tents with heat-insulating materials.

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