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Create An Interactive & Sensory Experience with Immersive Dome

How about offering your audience, viewers, or customers a unique experience, unlike anything they’ve ever experienced? The 30 meters projection dome manufactured and built by SHELTER DOME, is used for the light & arts experience, and transformed into an immersive environment. During the show, attendees are drawn to the immersive entertainment dome with its outer shell bathed in digital art projected from spotlights surrounding it. Inside the 700 square meters (7,530 sq.ft.) projection dome tent, over 400 audiences are also attracted by the images. The hemispherical shape and white inner surface of the dome are ideal for projection. The 360 dome tent uses sounds, light, and darkness to create a totally immersive and sensory experience.

The portable dome set up in cold climates can withstand sub-zero temperatures and strong wind. For creating a temperature controlled interior area, we set up a cotton layer for the dome structure to keep warm and pretect the projection system and equipment from damage.

Key Features of Immersive Entertainment Dome

      From 6 meters (22 feet) diameter with capacity of 45 standing people, for boutique events, up to 80 meters (262 feet) diameter with capacity of 5,000 standing people, for all kinds of large-scale events. Larger and customized sizes can also be made to special order.
      An immersive dome offers the lightest and strongest structure for a given size, making them highly portable and easily transportable. The dome frame and dome cover can be packed down into cases for easy transport. Though the dome tent is a lightweight structure, it’s durable to withstand in almost any weather.
      Geodome’s cover is a guarantee of exposure and impact for all types of branding. It can be customized with full color printing or projected with branded patterns.
      We offer two possible options for 360-degree projection, either projecting directly onto the dome cover or attaching a projection lining system. It would be the perfect backdrop for 360° surround projections using the projection lining system.
      We worldwidely provide projectiom domes together with the whole projection system or VR facilities and create 360 – 720 degree videos to make it easier for one-stop customizing and purchasing. They can be installed by the SHELTER DOME’s qualified installation field teams, thus saving on construction materials and set-up costs.

Most Common Uses

SHELTER DOME offers a wide variety of projection domes for any temporary or semi-permanent installation. Whether you’re planning a live performance, a thrilling 4D experience, immersive music show or pop up event activation, nothing is quite as moving and immersive as an immersive dome. It provides the audience with more than just stage lighting ever could. It could also be a mobile planetarium for science and space shows.

Would you like to discouss more about our projection domes? Then contact our team. Please simply fill out the Inquiry Form regarding your specific requirements. Also, you can email us at or call us on +86 139 2885 8552 directly to get a quote. We will get back to you shortly.

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