Igloo Dome - 6m Glamping Structure for Sale - Shelter Dome

Igloo Dome – 6m Glamping Structure for Sale

Igloo Dome - Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (26)
Igloo Dome - Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (25)

Winter Igloo Dome for Glamping

Shelter igloo dome hands down if you are looking for a living room for your glamping, winter garden or you are seeking a functional space for your winter event in a snow-clad area. With the efficient geometry of geodesic, a maximum volume may be realized with a minimum of material. Thus the igloo domes allow for a quick assembly and disassembly, delivering space for best possible glamping experience in any season and place. This winter dome has 6 meters (20 feet) in diameter. Offering an area of 28.26m2, this geodesic dome accommodates 20 – 25 standing people or creates a spacious space for glamping. It provides you with extraordinary experience to get close to the nature.

Features of Igloo Dome

  • Framework Material – Igloo dome for glamping is made of aluminum alloy, secured by hot dip galvanized, thus it provides a safe space in any climate conditions and a much longer lifespan.
  • Cover Material – Covered with glass panel thickness of 5mm, this igloo structure, allowing natural light to shine through, has a good performance in light transmission.
  • Spacious Room – High ceiling and transparent roof of igloo structure make the space feel larger. You can arrange the unique layout according to your needs.
  • Optional Accessories – We offer the highest quality service for you. We are not just a dome manufacturer, but also offer a range of accessories for your projects. Including aluminum doors, openable windows, floors, stages, carpets, curtains and linens, lightings, air conditioners, ventilation systems, sound systems and so on.

Applications of Igloo Dome

With its elegant appearance, it’s no doubt that this geodesic dome is a stunning point for glamping in the wild. It provides glampers a practical living area with lounge and dining area. Even in a small dome, there’re also some functional areas like a house. In fact, it is also used in agricultural cultivation field such as greenhouse and astronomical observation station etc. Offering a comfortable and convenient place, the clear igloo is ideal space for your entertaining business such as club and art gallery through usage of interior lighting.

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