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Projection Background: A hotel wants to purchase eco-resort domes and provides unique glamping experience to compete with traditional hotels. Therefore, Shelter offered 6m glamping domes to meet its needs. We Provided: ♦ 6m Dwelling Dome Tent ♦ Insulation Layer ♦ Solar-powered Ventilation Fan.

Dome Hotels With Full Facilities & Excellent Service

It is not a secret that glamping domes provide all resort-like comfort. Firstly, each 6m hotel dome offers 28㎡ ample living space to fit facilities. Because of the ample space, it is able to equip dwell domes with cozy beds, tables with seating, air conditioning, and refrigerators. Secondly, hotel designer connects the bathroom with the dwelling dome from outside, to provide large indoor dome space. After adding the 10㎡ for independent bathroom, each bubble dome provides 38㎡ indoor space in total. Besides its ample space, dwelling domes allow creative interior design because of its free-span structure. In this project, the dome hotel owner decorates with three different style respective. They are Western-style, Japanese-style, and Japanese-Western style guest rooms, for instance.

Environmental Awareness

Meanwhile, glamping domes are well-known for blending nature and hotel-like comfort together, providing the unforgettable glamping experience. While bringing dome tents to the nature, we take the responsibility to protect the ecosystem there. First of all, portable eco-resort domes are installed on the wooden platform, which avoids disturbing the natural environment on a large scale. Also, it is trouble-free to dismantle deploy the glamping domes without damaging its surrounding environment. At second, each bubble tent is equipped with the solar-energy ventilation fan, using the renewable energy.


2 person dome tent provides hotel-like comfort-glamping dome-Shelter Dome7

Dia.5m Geodome

You can set a single room and small resort area inside.

Dia.6m Living Dome

Compared with the 5m dome, you can add a bathroom inside.

Dia.7m Dwell Dome

Single room with bathroom and kitchen or just put 4 beds inside.

Dia.8m Geodesic Dome

More space to upgrade your clients’ experience.

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