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Prefabricated Greenhouse Dome in Eco Farm, School and Botanic Garden

Spherical structure creates a greenhouse environment which is suitable for plant growth. So dome shaped greenhouse is the ideal choice for extending the growing area in the backyard, increasing the crop production in Eco-farm, outdoor plant classroom for education and more.

Benefits of Geodesic Greenhouse Dome

Affordable – Portable greenhouse dome is the multi-application dome classroom and cost-effective solution for the school which on a tight budget. Easy to Set Up – With full installation manually and modular structure, the whole greenhouse dome is easy for the home gardener to build up a small plant growing area. Fast-assembly – Want to extend the corp growing area in a short time? Greenhouse dome could meet your need. With the modular construction, the whole dome structure could set up in a rapid manner. For example the assembly time of dia. 15m greenhouse dome is 14 hours with crew of 4. Numerous Fabric Options – As the professional dome tent manufacturer, Shelter offers different options for PVC cover membrane. If you want to build a greenhouse showcase dome in the botanic garden, the transparent fabric will be ideal to show the whole interior growing space for the visitors. At the same time, 850 GSM white fabric will be perfect for the plant which needs to be protected from strong sunlight. Wide Range of Diameter – You can find the suitable size of your demand from dia.3m to dia.60m (10ft to 200ft).

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