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Geodesic Dome Tent Meeting The Requireme

Undoubtedly, glamping Geodesic Dome Tent does offer an extraordinary experience for an unforgettable holiday close to nature. Since Geodesic Dome Tent provides great comfort for campers or guests in hard-to-reach locations, it becomes increasingly popular worldwide.

A campsite owner longed for building some eco-living domes in the mountain. He wanted to provide a resort-like luxury experience to the guests. What’s more, it should let the guests enjoy the breathtaking view inside. Shelter Dome provided custom Geodesic Dome Tents to guarantee the luxurious Geodome Glamping experience.

6-meter-diameter Geodesic Dome Tent For A Getaway

Recently, many people love to spend a week out of a crowded city to disconnect and recharge. Consequently, many campsite owners or Airbnb hosts explore remote locations to build living space there.

A campsite owner from Colombia built the Geodesic Dome Igloos perfectly in a nice, cozy and secluded spot in the middle of the mountain. What’s more, these custom glamping domes allow the guests to reconnect with nature.

Glamping Domes Reaching Remote Locations

There are many terrains face challenges when building a concrete building. However, glamping domes provided by Shelter Dome can easily solve this problem and locate in plenty of hard-to-reach places (Customize Eco-living Domes now).

These Geodesic Domes located in the middle of a mountain in Colombia is a calm, beautiful, private and cozy place. Most importantly, they are sustainable and meet the requirement of Eco-Tourism. Because glamping domes provided by Shelter Dome don’t need a concrete foundation, which avoids damaging the ecology there. Therefore, nature lovers can spend some time in full contact with nature, amidst the sounds and sights of the Colombian forest.


Skylight Window For Stargazing

With advanced CNC technology, Shelter Dome can produce a Geodesic Dome Tent with a skylight window. Therefore, guests can see so many stars and even the galaxy through the skylight window. Many campers agree that glamping igloo with skylight window is definitely fantastic. Because the view from up there is unlike any other. As night falls, guests can enjoy the starry sky on the bed.

Bay Window For Gorgeous view

The big bay window provides a panoramic view of the Colombian Mountains. Therefore, guests can enjoy the breathtaking view inside, including the brilliant sunrise or sunset. What’s more, it lets in plenty of natural sunlight, which is beneficial to health. In addition, a set of two curtains can guarantee privacy and create a dark environment if guests need it.  

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