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Geodesic Dome Construction for Car Show

With the geodesic exterior, geodesic dome construction always shows us pratical and perfect venues for all kinds of outdoor events. We offer besopke services and turnkey solutions for our dome structures, which often become the focus of attention in all occasions. Including product launches, trade shows, fashion shows, corporate events, sport events and other entertainments. SHELTER DOME works with BMW to structure these three domes for outdoor brand promotion. The durable steel clear span dome structure allows for the suspension of additional equipments, such as lightings, stage and sound system.

Specification Overview of Geodesic Dome Construction

Size: Our dome constructions clear span from 3m to 40m in diameter. As the most space-utilizing structure, equipments and devices for events could be put into the dome tent easily without worrying about space limit. Material: We use powder coated steel pipe Q235 as framework which shows more sturdy (windload: 80 – 100 km/h). And the domes are covered by PVC fabric to resist changable weather. To tailored to your various project’s requirement, there’re white and transparent PVC fabric for you to choose. In addition, our fabrics are flame retardant, so that it provides you a safer environment. To meet different clients’ requiremetns, polycarbonate and glass are optional. Fixation Pattern: For cement floor, insert expansion bolt into the ground. For meadow, add steel stake onto the grass. For soft ground like beach, use bearing box with sand in it.

Service of Shelter Dome

We have full accessories to meet your need. Including doors, floors, windows, lining, lighting and air conditioner etc. The size of doors and windows can be tailored to your requirements. Besides that, we have professional teams to provide high-quality dome structures, detailed installation guidance and support comprehensive after-sales service. Are you planning an outdoor event? SHELTER DOME is your ideal choice. Please kindly fill out the following contact form or Email Us directly for the quotation, we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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