5-meter-diameter garden igloo dome lights up your home

Undoubtedly, a garden igloo will definitely light up your home.

3 Benefits Of Garden Igloo Dome

There are at least three benefits that a garden igloo dome can bring.

Firstly, a geodesic dome tent can expand an indoor space at home. A garden igloo blends indoor comfort and outdoor enjoyment perfectly. Not surprisingly, it creates a palpable, comfortable atmosphere that makes you feel so good and stay awhile.

Garden igloo_greenhouse
Garden igloo_greenhouse

Secondly, a geodesic dome tent is versatile for all-purpose. A geodome lets plenty of daylight in and keeps in touch with the outdoors, while protects from the fickle weather. Therefore, many dome owners make use of their geodome as an outdoor living room, greenhouses, yoga domes, and etc.

Last but not least, garden igloo domes with a creative design perfectly decorate in the backyard. There are various designs of geodesic domes, including 100% transparent, half-white and half-transparent, 100% white, or other custom patterns.

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse

A transparent geodesic dome works perfectly as a greenhouse, which is a structure made of transparent material. Comparing with the greenhouse made by glass, geodesic dome greenhouse made by transparent PVC is cost-effective, portable and looks stunning.

Dome owners can plant various kinds of floral and green plants in the garden igloo just like in the greenhouse. What’s more, some dome owners make use of the greenhouse to feed their pets or even livestock.

Garden igloo_greenhouse-gazbo-shelter dome (3)
Garden igloo_greenhouse-geodesic dome-4 (3)

Because garden igloo is portable, it can be disassembled anytime and reassembled again in a few hours (depend on the size). Consequently, dome owners can easily “move” their “greenhouse” wherever they want easily.

Backyard Lounge

Since transparent PVC fabric permeates sunlight in and is waterproof, it is perfect to build an outdoor living space. Because it is waterproof, one can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere even on rainy days or snowy days. What’s more, because of the strong structure, garden igloo somehow can meet the requirement of wind load and snow load.

Garden igloo_ Australia-restaurant dome-bar dome-transparent dome
Garden igloo_ Australia-restaurant dome-bar dome-transparent dome2

Besides that, there are a lot of benefits that a transparent garden igloo can bring. In the daytime, a family can enjoy plenty of sunlight in the garden igloo dome, which is healthy. At night, they can enjoy the starry night through the transparent PVC fabric.

Yoga Dome

As we mentioned before, geodesic domes are versatile. Dome owners can turn it into whatever they want. Once putting some yoga mats inside, the garden igloo dome turns into a yoga dome immediately.
Garden igloo_yoga dome-1 (3)
Garden igloo_yoga dome-1 (1)

Imagine that doing yoga in a garden igloo full of natural light. It is a dream for yogis and is increasingly popular to do yoga in such a geodesic dome worldwide. Customize a garden igloo dome and makes it the most coveted space at home now.

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