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Enjoy Carefree Time under Clear Garden Dome

Seeking something different to help set your garden apart? Or looking for a structure can be set up on the flat top for children’s recreation? Why not consider a garden dome? Look at these selected photos, this garden dome measuring 16 feet (5 meters) wide with transparent PVC tarpaulin enables you to create a horticultural haven for your family. Thanks to its transparent, reinforced PVC fabric, the garden dome illuminates with natural light to create closeness with nature in a comfortable environment. So that you and your family can enjoy the carefree time with the beautiful garden view. Isn’t it a wonderful land for you? Whatever your needs may be, Shelter Dome delivers.

Secure Building for Outdoor Entertainment

This selected garden dome uses φ20 x 1.5mm steel tube for the main framework. They are light and portable, but stable and very resistant structures winds and earthquakes because of its spherical shape and the inherent strength of its assemblages triangular. Thus it’s supplied with a wind load certification of 80 km/h. You can build a dome tent with window and ventilation system to keep the interior space well ventilated. Because its surface is less than that of a rectangle, the dome has the advantages of low energy consumption and uniform heat distribution. In short, it’s a unique, warm and comfortable living space for you to spend time with family and friends.

Garden Dome Accessories

We have full range of sizes starting at 3m up to 40m in diameter offering a wide range of possible applications. All dome tents are supplied as frame and complete with covers you need. We have turnkey solutions for your convenience. Thus there is a possibility to add glamour to your dome with accessories including floor, window, door, curtain and linen, lighting, air conditioner and so on. You can even built a garden dome linking tunnels for a larger space.
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