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Ecodome with Half Clear PVC Fabric for Resort

SHELTER DOME provides custom services and turnkey solutions to those people who want to go out to relax after short bursts of focused work. Our ecodome with gorgeous dome shape, as an innovative structure, is ideal opiton for resort. Unlike the traditional hotel, the dome house is designed with half clear roof, so that it can illuminate with natural light and people can be fully exposure to nature anywhere at anytime. The eco living dome creates an energy-efficient environment at a low cost of time and construction material. Thus it’s an environmentally friendly solution for resort.

Materials And Facilities of Ecodome

Our eco living domes are installed with powder coated steel pipe Q235 or aluminum pipe as main framwork which matain their portable and quick install features. What’s more, to make the dome building more stable, profiles are structured to form triangles. So that it is testified to stand the wind at a speed of 100 – 150 km/h. In order to ensure comfortable living condition, we use water-proof and sun-blocking PVC fabric as cover material. It can provide effective insulation for high temperature and resist the sudden weather. The spherical space equips with ventilation system and air conditioner, people would find our eco dome house a home from home. There’s also plenty of space to place the bed, lighting, tables and chairs etc.

Ecodome Is Manufactured for Easy Assemble And Disassemble

The geodome construction requires only one or a few people to build it up within a short time, which shorten the construction period and lower construction manpower efficiently. It’s relocatable, thus people are able to relocate anywhere they want for different functions. People don’t need to worry about the fixation problem, we always have the right fixation methods for our dome tents. Feel free to fill out the following contact form or Email Us directly to get the quote, we will get back to you within 24h.

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