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Projection Dome in 30-meter-diameter Providing Immersive Experience

Geodesic Domes have an excellent capacity for projection and lighting innovation. With the Dome Projection system and screen, geodesic dome tents can display videos on the internal or external surface of the dome tents and turn into full-dome cinemas immediately.

The 30-meter-diameter Projection Dome above locates in India. It is used to showcase official videos to audiences in a business event. In the daytime, it can be used as either conference or full-dome cinema with the projection screen. At night, with the multiple-projector system, it transfers into an attractive illumination dome that displaying videos over and over again.

Projection Domes for Cinema, Marketing Promotion & Festivals, etc.

Projection illuminates the domes at night and displays video content to support event marketing, wedding, festivals, and many more activities. Shelter Dome has customized plenty of projection domes for various activities.


  • Brand Promotion
  • Company Anniversaries
  • Esports
  • Conferences & Exhibitions
  • Bar / Cafe / Restaurants


Customizing Geodesic Domes of Projection

Most importantly, Geodesic Domes from Shelter Dome can be fully customized in terms of size and covers to meet requirements. There are alternative options that Shelter Dome provide:

Size (Diameter)   6-80 m (20-260ft)
Cover Membrane Type   Full Block-out / Half Block-out & Half Transparent PVC / Full Transparent
Door   Round Hoop / Single Wing Door / Double Wings Door
Installation Surface    Indoor / Grassland / Cement (Hard Ground) / Beach Seaside

Saving Your Time & Costs By Choosing Shelter Dome

Building a permanent 360 full-dome cinema is a complex process. Many clients selecte Shelter Dome because it supplies prefab projection domes, which reduces installation time. Furthermore, choosing Shelter Dome can help to save money because all the high-grade illumination domes are made in China. Get a free quote now!

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