Dome Doors

Geodesic Dome Doors

Each of our geodesic dome structures comes standard with one circular entry. Depending on structure’s size, the 1.2 × 1.8m door is designed for a dome of 4 – 6m in diameter; the 1.5 × 2.1m door is designed for a dome of 7 – 9m in diameter; the 2.4 × 2.4m door is designed for a dome of 10 – 14m in diameter. Our dome products can be installed with zip doors, solid doors, aluminum and glass doors or individual design doors in any shape. For more info, please see the images below and contact us.

Round Door with Zipper

The PVC front door with zipper is very practical for easy access. During the summertime and outdoor time, you can use zipper door in order to fit a mosquito net that is very helpful to prevent mosquito bite.

Solid Door

Using solid door is more privacy and seclusion. It is the best solution to stay safe and withstand exterior elements.

Aluminum or Glass Door

Instead of a membrane door and solid door, our dome structure can be equipped with an aluminum or glass door. We provide single or double-wing doors depending on structure’s size and your actual needs.

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