Dome Branding and Printing

Branding and Printing Solution

Geodesic dome structure cover may be a fantastic advertising platform. SHELTER DOME offers customized design to help you to build a branded dome tent for your company and products. We can apply logos or branding to the cover to turn your blank covers into the next icon.

Customized Printing on Membrane

All size geodesic dome covers from SHELTER DOME are available in full-color printing. It is also possible to make custom digital printing for the interior of your dome. Our teams are always attentive to your needs and giving you a permanently and uniquely branded and designed cover.

Temporary Branding

To accommodate temporary or event specific graphics, we offer production of high-quality vinyl decals that can be fixed to the dome cover easily and quickly. Or we can apply logos or branding to a detachable front section, bringing much convenience to the large-scale branding and the geodesic dome rental.

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