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Translucent Sphere Tent for Product Exhibition Purpose

Do you want to stand out from the competitors during the exhibition? Nothing is better and more creative than a translucent sphere tent. It’s an interactive space that you can image and attract the target. When you are inside, you can see not just the sky, but also a deep ocean under the sphere tent with blue polycarbonate panel. In addition to the creative appearance, the clear dome also has many effective usable space. An elegant and practical event dome tent allows you to focus on the brand promotion and product exhibition by providing an unique immersive audio-visual media environment. It’s available in blackout for daytime projection or controlled lighting needs. Thus Shelter display dome tent will surely impreess your clients and reinforce a customers’ awareness of your brand and company.

Specification Overview of Sphere Tent

Size: It’s a diameter 8m exhibition dome tent covering an area of 50.24sqm for exhibition purpose. We also provide clear span from 3m to 40m in diameter and ridge height can range from 1.5m to 15m. Material: We use hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy as framework which shows more portable and durable. Covered by polycarbonate panel, it’s a fire retardant (DIN4102, B1/ M2) and weather resistance. What’s more, the color of polycarbonate panel can be changeable. Custom Option: Depending on your project’s requirements, we offer besopke services and turnkey solutions to you. Full accessories like doors, windows, floor, lining, lighting, cooling and heating and cover fabric for you to choose. And we can help you to connect two or more geodesic domes together for larger spaces.

Without Site Requirements

Shelter portable dome tent with polycarbonate panel can be constructed in almost any locations. No matter it is on the cement floor, meadow or a sand land, we have the right fixation method to tailored to your events. Feel free to fill out the following contact form or Email Us directly for the quotation, we will get back to you within 24h.

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