Glass Dome House for Lounge - Geodesic Garden Dome - Shelter Dome

Garden Dome – Dia.6m Glass Dome House for Chill Out Lounge

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Glass Dome House – A Comfortable Space for Chill Out Lounge

Whether you are looking for an outdoor living space, chill-out area or a personal space of meditation, eco dome – the spherical space of nature and construction can always meet your needs. Covering an area of 28sqm, this glass dome house looks small but complete in every detail and this is part of its charm. In the daytime, the interior is flooded with natural light; the transparent cover creates broader view under starry night even you’re inside. That’s what can be a real surprise for people.

Specifications of Glass Dome House

Structure Design: It’s spacious without pillars inside. That means nothing blocks your view.  The round space also provide you a 100% available space to use. In addition, depending on your requirements, we can offer customize size dome for you.

Materials: The main structure of this glass dome room is made up of hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy T6061/ T6 which feature is stainless, lightweight and durable. The cover material is reinforced glass which have the best performances in weather resist, water-proof, UV-proof and flame retardant (DIN4102, B1/ M2). The dome structure has a strong ability to adapt to the climate. It can stand temperature between -40 degree Celsius to +80 degree Celsius.

Full accessories: The adornment of the accessories like doors, windows, floors, linen and the installation of ventilation system and air conditioner of a living dome will make your living environment more comfortable place to live.

A Full Physical And Psychological Environment To Relax

The portable glass dome sturcture can be set up at your backyard/ garden/ resort or anywhere you want. It’s a cosy place to relax and feel more nature without walls. It also creates a 360° view of the outside even under a dome. You can sleep under the starry stars and return to the nature. SHELTER DOME can give you all these experiences if you want.

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