Cocoon House | Unique Autonomous Tent Hotel

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Cocoon House | Unique Autonomous Tent Hotel

Inspired by a cocoon, Shelter has unveiled a new eco-tent design called Cocoon House, which looks like a cicada pod in appearance.

Cocoon House is a boutique glamping tent that offers luxury, comfort, and features like no other camping products on the market. Using a deck-like platform instead of a concrete foundation, this pod dome tent is a portable and eco-friendly unit that can set up in just a few days.

With so unique shape, our cocoon tent can be visibly distinguished from other tents, thus capturing people’s attention at their first sight. The distinctive cocoon tent house will make your resorts or campsites stand out from the peers.

Cocoon House Tent Specification & Scenario

Totally covering 66.5㎡, the Cocoon House comes with spacious interior area, and a covered patio. The stunning cocoon tent is born for both glamping accommodation and dining area.

With the sustainable living concept, this deluxe dome pod house is flexibly divided between the living room, bathroom, bedroom and so on. Besides, it not only offers warmth and comfort, but also protects you from the weather.

Design Proposal: Bedroom(23.5㎡) + Bathroom(16㎡) + Equipment Room(4.5㎡) + Outdoor Platform(22.5㎡)

Dimension 10.7m x 6.5m Floor Area 44 sqm (Approx. 473 sq.ft)
Structure Type Steel Structure Roof Material 850g/sqm PVC
Wall Material Glass Wall Max.Windload 100km/h
Max.Snowload 20kg/㎡ Features Waterproof, Weather Protection, Flame Retardant
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cocoon house glamping tent for sale-autonomous tent house for luxury camping-eco living dome tents-glitzcamp (3)

Glamping Tent Pod Featured Projects

Mountain Glamping Campsite

Country: Jiangxi Province, China
Climate: Large temperature difference
Location: Mountain area

This glamping site is located on a rugged hillside. To minimize environmental damage, we raised the cocoon tent on a wooden platform instead of shoveling the ground. Besides, due to the high altitude, the temperature difference between day and night is large. To keep the interior warm, we also added an insulation cotton layer inside the tent.

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Lakeside Homestay Rental

Country: Yunnan Province, China
Climate: Long, hot and rainy summer
Location: Lakeside area

This cocoon dome tent is set up for a homestay rental, together with another waterdrop dome pod. Using the galvanized steel frame and waterproof PVC fabric, the autonomous tent is rust-preventive and weather-resistant. There is a high semicircular arch in front of the tent. Not only does it let in plenty of natural light, but it also offers beautiful lake views.

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Camping Equipment Exhibition

Country: Beijing City, China
Climate: Heavy snow in winter
Location: Leisure Park

With an indoor area of 44㎡, the cocoon tent is both suitable for reception and glamping. Its interior is completely independent and doesn’t require any support column. This makes for its high plasticity in interior layouts. With several tables&chairs, as the pictures show, the cicada dome pod can be used as a lounge/studio/dining room.

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Why Choose Shelter Glamping Dome Tent?

Shelter combines beautiful sceneries with glamping domes perfectly, thus creating nice and cozy spaces. They are designed to use permanently or semi-permanently outdoors with high standard quality. What’s more, all products are certificated under ISO 9001, 10-grade wind withstand, waterproof, fire retardant level meeting NFPA and DIN 4102 standard.

All in all, our glamping domes have great advantages in outdoor accommodation.

Aesthetic appeal

The spherical tent structure is of great geometric beauty and can transform numerous creative designs, increasing the diversity of outdoor accommodation types.


The product materials and installation process of Shelter domes are eco-friendly, with minimal impact on the surrounding environment.


Our ecodomes are portable which are perfect for those who love to move wherever they wish enjoy the unique outdoor experience.


Not only for glamping accommodation, but the domes can also extend more functions, such as dining tent, reception lounge, yoga studio, etc.

Excellent Quality

Supported by the metal gridshell structure and waterproof covering materials, Shelter eco domes are of good quality and long durability.


To meet the specifications of our clients, all of our eco domes are available in a variety of colors, sizes and shapes.

Rapid installation

With prefabricated modular components, Shelter domes are time-saving in installation and demolition construction.


Compared to traditional buildings, the eco living domes are much cost-less yet provide all the hotel-like comforts.

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