Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent – Providing Unparalleled Comfort

Beach Dome Tents meeting the requirement of the Hotel Owner

Beach Dome Tent has an excellent capacity for beach camping, picnic, and other outdoors events. Undoubtedly, they provide campers or guests with great comfort and relaxation.

A hotel owner wanted to expand the hotel and increase the number of guest rooms. However, he worried about it will damage the ecology due to the construction near the seaside. Therefore, Shelter Dome built some Eco-living domes. Without damaging nature, these Beach Dome Tents allow the guests to enjoy the beautiful view of coastline all day long.

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Geodesic Dome Glamping-Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent- Malaysia
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Uninterrupted View from Beach Dome Tent

Situated on the seaside, Beach Dome Tents offer guests a stunning 180-degree view of the sea. Still, guests don’t need to worry about their privacy.

Because all the dwell domes are equipped with panoramic windows which made from clear PVC tarpaulin. Most importantly, a set of two curtains is available in every geodesic dome. Therefore, guests can enjoy the uninterrupted view of sunset inside. No one can beat the experience of sipping on a favorite drink while laying down on the king-sized bed.

What’s more, you can see that another part of the surface is in desert yellow. This not only guarantees the privacy of guests who live in the dome but also meets additional customization. (Customize Eco-living Domes Right Now)

The Unique experience of living at the seaside: Luxury Eco-Living Dome Tent

Located in seashore, Beach Dome Tents provide guests with a unique experience. Once living in these lovely dwell domes, the guests don’t need to travel far to enjoy some peace, sunshine, and glimmering sea breeze. This may just be the perfect place for some dolce far niente (the Italian phrase for a pleasant relaxation in carefree idleness).

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Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent- Malaysia-Eco-living Domes-Dwell Domes-7
Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent- Malaysia-Eco-living Domes-Dwell Domes-

Spacious Room with fully furnished

Beach Dome Tent differentiate from the ordinal tent by providing unparalleled comfort to guests. 7-meter-diameter Geodesic Eco-living Domes cover an area of 38 sqm or 410 sq ft, which is spacious enough for two guests. It can contain a king-sized bed, a TV with its stand, two bedsides, one table, and a private bathroom.

Excellent Thermal Resistance

With the reflection of the last rays over the sea, the night descends. Later, it starts to cold down at night. What you need to do is to enter into the Beach Dome Tent in warm, because Shelter Dome provides the insulated cotton layer. Insulating cotton fabrics naturally deliver thermal resistance, maximum warmth and comfort.

Safety of Eco-living Domes

Beach Dome Tents provided by Shelter Dome are guaranteed quality. Firstly, they are fire retardant due to high-grade materials. Most importantly, the dome meets the required standard in Europe (DIN4102, B1, M2) and in the US (NFPA 701). Secondly, it also has strong capacity of wind-resistant due to its sturdy geodesic structure and high quality. According to the standard, the wind load of Eco-living domes provided by Shelter Dome can be up to 100km/h.


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