4 Person Dome Tent Provides Great Comfort

For teenagers, booking rooms for the trip on Airbnb is becoming popular. As an Airbnb host, you may consider for more beds in one room for graduation trip need. In this project, 4 person dome tent is suitable for the youth trip. The 6m dwell dome includes:

Facilities No.
Single bed 4
Small table 1
Air conditioner 1
Dressing table 1
Dressing mirror 1

Happy Graduation Trip Under A 4 Person Dome Tent

What Makes the Dome Cabin Comfortable?

Weather-resistance Layer

Glamping dome could supply a 4-season living space in any weather. The cotton layer with waterproof canvas coated could provide a temperature-controlled environment. Avoid suffering a cold weather, dome house would provide a warm space like your sweet home.

Block-out Linen Curtain

Obviously, enjoy the prairie view through the transparent bay window is a wonderful experience for the tourists. As a considered campsite owner, protecting the strong sunlight and privacy by linen curtain is also a satisfying thing.

6m dome cabin with custom pvc fabric sale for glamping resort in Japan - spherical tent for 2 - 4 people accommodation (3)
10m dome cabin with custom pvc cover for cafe, restaurant, dining center (2)

Other Facilities In The Campsite

Reception Hall & Cafe

Beside the 4 person dome tents, Shelter Dome also provided a 10m dome tent as a reception hall in the campsite. What’s more, campsite owner creates a comfortable dining space for all the guests. After the guests check in, they can enjoy a a hot coffee near the bay window.

Similar Projects

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5m eco-living dome and 6m dwell dome connect together to provide amazing glamping experience. In this project, Shelter provides custom design, including the floor system, frame structure, PVC cover, windows, and insulation layer.

Both the living room and the bedroom are equipped with insulation layers, keeping the best indoor temperature. Explore More


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