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Mini Eden Style Design

The conception of these linked domes with tunnels appeared a year ago. We provided geodesic dome complex renderings for the campsite in the desert. The type of construction is similar to mini Eden style. The practicality of these connected domes is that they form a multi-functional setting using separate domes for different purposes.
The geodesic dome complex for tourists is mainly composed of four self-assembling domes of the same size. They are available in 6 meters in diameter. All these structures can be linked to produce geodesic complexes utilizing any of the various sizes of domes on request.
The complex design is equipped with skylights for fresh air and natural light, and at the cover of the structure, there is a weather resistant PVC fabric – effectively against high winds and sand of the desert. Moreover, we create special link covers to allow fully integrated and private spaces.
Such a dome complex offers possibilities of variation both in structure and function without limits. It is perfect for a unique habitat in the scenery, a pavilion on the city center, or a greenhouse in the backyard. We can make similar domed structures of different sizes from steel or aluminum profiles, from PVC fabrics or glass panels.

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