25m Large White Dome Tent with Walkway Tunnel

Which kind of tent product do you want to add to the rental list in your company? Unique but also stable will be the perfect answer. The geodesic dome tent is more and more popular by its special spherical appearance. In addition, the triangle structure makes the whole tent stable in any weather. Covered by high-density PVC membrane, the interior environment will be comfortable and available for any events. Perfect performance in waterproof function, UV-block, heat resistance.

In Shelter, we provide all diameter white dome tent for any capacity. The diameter option is available from 10m to 80m (Accommodation: 50 – 2000 people). Also, we offer one-stop service in designing, manufacturing, selling and after-sale maintenance.

Multi-purpose White Dome Set Up for Hotel, Resort

In this project, our client wants to connect 3 sizes dome tents in a different function. We design a connection dome with a walkway tunnel. The dia. 25m large white dome is the main event venue which could accommodate 300 – 450 people. Without any interior pole, the guests could enjoy this fashion show from 360 degrees. Decorated by lining and light effect, the whole environment is fantastic. All the guests had a wonderful dinner and memory under such stunning dome structure. In addition, the dia. 6m is the preparing area and the dia. 5m is the restroom.

25m wedding white dome tent for sale - multiple domes with walkway tunnel (1)
568m Geodesic Domes with Walkway Tunnels (1)

Why You Need Connection Dome for Large Events?

Multi-purpose Center
All the domes in different function are connected together, the whole structure will be an integration building.

No need to worry about the rain. The guests could go to the different area under protection.

More Cost-effective
Connect different dome tents together, the electricity (light, air conditioner) and a part of steel can be saved.

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