15m Custom Projection Dome Theater In The Ski Resort

Projection Background:
Most ski resorts are typically located in the mountain, where the large slope is perfect for skiing. Unlike living in the city, it has limited choices for travelers to relax at night. Aiming to provide an unforgettable experience, a ski resort turned to us with the need for event domes for entertainment. Therefore, Shelter Dome provided a 15-meter-diameter projection dome theater to meet the need.

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Projection Dome Theater Provides Great Immersive Experience

Besides skiing and snowboarding, guests are willing to entertain themselves at the other time, especially at night. But a 360 projection dome theater might be an attractive place for all skiers to entertain themselves at night.

Before building the projection dome theater, there are three questions we highly consider, safety, experience, and visually appealing design.

Firstly, we notice that it snows at least 50 cm (20 in) every year in the ski resort. Therefore, our design should guarantee safety while facing heave snow. Fortunately, the geodesic structure itself can withstand heavy load for its size. According to the test, our event domes can withstand up to 100 km/h wind load and 0.5 kN/m² snow load.

Secondly, the projection dome allows skiers to watch 3D movies with indoor comfort after skiing. Due to its clear-span design, the huge 360-degree projection screen brings great visual enjoyment for guests. In addition, the 15 m projection dome theater provides 176 m² indoor space, which can hold over 135 people at once.

Last but not least, to make it look appealing and distinguish it from the surrounding environment, we customized the printed membrane. As you can see, the brilliant red membrane with yellow and blue striped pattern looks great in the snow area.

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Why Choose Event Dome Tents?

Compared with other concrete buildings, there are at least three benefits that a projection dome theater can bring.

Portable dome tents enjoy great popularity globally due to its easy and trouble-free installation. Compared with concrete buildings, they don’t require a great deal of construction work, which saves time. You may be interested in:

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Step by Step to teach you how to build a projection dome

Portable dome tents take advantage of hard-to-reach locations. Without any requirement of foundation, event domes can fit all the terrains, such as desert, seaside, mountain, forest, and prairie. You may be interested in:

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Geodesic structure is versatile due to its clear-span. That is to say, there is no limit in the usage of a dome tent, such as festivals, promotions, etc. Once it is equipped with a 360-degree projection screen, the geodesic event dome turns to a 360 theater immediately. You may be interested in:

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Shelter Dome is an international brand supplying a wide range of temporary and semi-permanent geodesic dome tents. We provide cost-effective, portable and flexible space solutions for conferences, parties, sports, festivals, marketing events, campsites, and resorts. If you desire a projection dome for your event, please leave your inquiry below:


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