Clear Geo Domes For Rooftop Restaurant & Bar Overlooking the City

Elegant transparent geo domes allow any outdoor location to stay attractive and profitable all year long. Rooftop terrace is the perfect place to set a few dome igloos as a cozy restaurant or bar with panoramic views.

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Solving Customer’s Pain Point
A restaurant & bar wanted to upgrade the restaurant and attract more young customers. It owns a stunning private rooftop terrace and seeks for a stylish and unique design to enhance brand reputation. Therefore, Shelter Dome provided two transparent geo domes to fulfill the requirement.

Turnkey Solution of Rooftop Restaurant & Bar

Shelter Dome provided a turnkey solution, including 3D design, custom geo domes (dome frame, membrane, etc), quality check, and shipping. Click to know more about our service..

Free-span Structure And Satisfied Capacity

With views of the city, the rooftop features a collection of two clear-span geo domes. These two transparent dome igloos are respectively 11 meters and 15 meters in diameter. Both are all about the dining experience, with round tables that seat a crew of up to 200 guests together.

Without columns, dome tents with geodesic structure take advantage of clear-span comparing with other structures. Therefore, it allows innovative interior design.

geo domes-geodesic dome igloo-event dome-shelter dome-shelter domos
Its clear-span design allows creative indoor decoration without limitation.

Aesthetic Appearance of Geo Domes

The most amazing thing about dome igloo tents is its transparent design, which offers a stunning 360° panoramic view. At night, geodesic dome igloo can cast a blue light from inside and makes it look even more stunning. This could turn the rooftop restaurant into an Instagram-worthy backdrop, which generates both online and offline traffic.

Also, they provide the best dining experience in all seasons in the rooftop area due to its high-quality membrane. Firstly, it is waterproof and is capable to resist heavy rain or snow. Secondly, it is flame retardant, which can stand pretty high temperature and help in case of brazing.

geo domes-geodesic dome igloo-event dome-shelter dome-shelter domos

Sturdy Geodesic Structure of Geo domes

The high-grade steel frame of the geodesic dome tents guarantees safety even during the strongest winds. Also, some areas may face the heavy rain problem, however, the sturdy geodesic frame can sustain even the heavy rain.

What’s more, all the dome igloos meet the requirement of snow loads up to 0.5kN/m² (around 350mm).

More about dome data: Fabric Dome Data, PC Dome Data, Glass Dome Data

geo domes-geodesic structure-dome frame work-geodesic dome kits-shelter dome-shelter domos
Geodesic domes are able to withstand very heavy loads for their size.

What Our Customer Said:
“It is a wise choice to pick Shelter as our dome supplier. The rooftop transparent igloo tent provides a relaxing and panoramic experience for outdoor rooftop bar guests in any weather!”

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