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Portable Outdoor Classroom

The concept comes from the ladybug. It’s originally a white fabric covered dome structure with a tunnel. To make it more attractive, our designers turn the dome cover into the red and design more additional vents fitting to this subject – like the pattern on the ladybug. This is designed primarily for schools which want to offer an alternative to a traditional classroom so that children can have fun outdoors.
The portable outdoor classroom dome can be based in a forest, lawn or school. It’s a place where the young person can experience outdoor learning. In this type of outside learning, education takes place in symbiosis with nature, and children can spend more time on learning and staying outdoors. Outdoor learning gives children a better understanding of thinking and problem-solving skills, and life skills such as co-operation and interpersonal communication, in the meantime, it helps children to improve their motor skills.
When the weather is not suitable for outdoor activities, this ladybug dome is a perfect shelter for the young person. The geodesic tent can serve as a hands-on learning environment and much more. The outdoor learning is gaining more and more followers all over the world. A classroom dome will offer the unique ability to be outside yet inside and protected from the elements.

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