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Eco Geodesic Dome Home for Unique Canteen

Have you ever imaged that you can set up a mobile canteen on the prairie? If you are looking for such kind of venue, our eco geodesic dome home might be the ideal choice. Compared to the traditional canteen buildings, having your canteen in a geodesic dome tent shows its advantages as saving cost at time, manpower and construction materials. This diameter 10m dome house is designed with half clear so that you and your guests can get close-up views of beauty of nature when enjoying the meals. Isn’t it also a dome house good for the environment?

A Combination of Elegance And Practicality

Aside from its elegant appearance with dome shape roof, our geodesic dome home has many structural advantages as well. We use stainless powder coated steel pipe Q235 as main framework which shows durable to withstand the changeable weather. It is testified to stand the wind at a speed of 100 – 150 km/h. Our living dome is manufactured for portability. Thus it can be easily dismantled and relocated to a new location for your different usages. In addition, we use 850 g/sqm & 650 g/sqm PVC fabric which have good performance in weather resistance, UV blocking and flame retardant (DIN4102, B1/ M2) as cover material. So it can reduce the temperature inside and create a comfortable interior environment for you even in the wild.

Bespoken Service of Shelter Living Dome

Depending on your requirements, SHELTER DOME offers custom services and turnkey solutions to you. We provide full accessories like doors (round PVC door, double or single wing glass door, aluminum door), openable windows, floor (cassette/ wooden floor), carpets, linen, lighting and air conditioner etc for you to choose. If you need a larger space for various function, we can also help you to connect two or more geodomes together. Feel free to fill out the following contact form or Email Us directly to get the quote, we will get back to you within 24h.

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