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Dome Projection Screen Offers A Unique Experience

SHELTER DOME fabricated and supplied a 360-degree immersive entertainment dome tent in HongKong for the carnival, which was used to promote the launch of film PADDINGTON 2. The custom geodesic dome projection screen featured highlights of the film and continued to be the place for a gallery to project visitors’ creative works. The 10-meter (32 feet) geodesic dome structure featured a custom printed dome cover and 360-degree projection system can hold 60 seats or 115 people standing. The perfect, smooth hemisphere-shaped screen provides an excellent result for projection of videos and images, and offers the audience or viewers a totally immersive experience, that makes the event so much better than ever before. We design, manufacture, and deliver 360° immersive projection domes at home and abroad, including United States, United Kingdom, Middle East, Australia, Russia, Malaysia, Philippines and other countries. Available in various sizes (from 10 meters to 80 meters), with custom dome cover, air-conditioned environment and accessible entrances, the platform is ideal for those who want to impress with a service of hollywood dimensions.

Specification of Geodesic Dome Materials

360 Immersive dome structures are produced using high-quality steel tube Q235. The diameter of the steel tube depends on the dimensions of the dome construction. The standard framework for the dome tent is galvanized, but it can also be powder-coated in white. With the durable and long-lasting steel dome structure, you can equip the dome theater with lighting and sound equipment, and projection system. We use double layer of PVC coated polyester fabric to cover the hemispherical tent. This strong material is resistant to all weather conditions. It can operate at working conditions from -40 ℃ to +70 ℃. For a special atmosphere, you can custom the dome cover in a color of your choice or printing graphics. The dome features an internal elastic fabric as a projection screen that allows for seamless interior immersive projection.

The Projection Dome Option

We offer a range of projection dome options for our clients to choose from. Whether in size or colors are diverse because, each projection dome must fit the client’s design. Below we will present some common specifications. All can be powder-coated optionally and have the following types of cover: printed tarpaulins, block out or translucent PVC fabrics.
  • Projection dome of 10 m (32 ft): standing are a total of 115 people; seats are a total of 65 people. It can be used as pecial exhibition spaces.
  • Projection dome of 15 m (50 ft): standing are a total of 300 people; seats are a total of 135 people. It can be used for forums and award ceremonies.
  • Projection dome of 20 m (65 ft): standing are a total of 550 people; seats are a total of 250 people. It can be used for large-scale immersive music events.
  • Projection dome of 27 m (88 ft): standing are a total of 900 people; seats are a total of 550 people. It can be used for the vast exhibitions, sports event pavilions, fashion show runways, concert venues or 360-degree IMAX dome projections.
  • Projection dome of 30 m (100 ft): standing are a total of 1.200 people; seats are a total of 650 people. It can be used for an immersive 360 VR experience or as a 360 school dome.
Would you like to find out more about the possible options? Then contact our team. Please simply fill out the Inquiry Form regarding your specific requirements. Also, you can email us at or call us on +86 139 2885 8552 directly to get a quote. We will get back to you shortly.

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