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SHELTER DOME has customize geodesic dome homes for sale. We can meet your wish from commercial to residential, from studio to chill out area and more. Check the following products to get more inspiration and enquire at +86 139 2885 8552 or anytime.

Hotel Domes With Full Facilities Geodesic Dome For Sale-glamping dome-Shelter Dome
Hotel Domes With Full Facilities : Geodesic Dome For Sale

6m glamping domes with full facilities are superbly suitable for Dome Hotel/Bubble Hotel.

2 person dome tent provides hotel-like comfort-glamping dome-Shelter Dome7
Unique 2 Person Dome Tent For Romantic Getaway

2 person dome tent is an ideal option for campsites owners to attract guests and

Glamping Domes With Hot Tub In The Caucasus Mountain-Shelter Dome-ecoresort-Shelter Domos (3)
Glamping Domes With Hot Tub In The Caucasus Mountain

Shelter Dome provides two glamping domes with hot tubs to a resort located in deep

projection dome theater-event dome-shelter dome-shelter domos (2)
15m Custom Projection Dome Theater In The Ski Resort

Shelter Dome provided a 15m immersive projection dome theater to a ski resort for entertainment...

geo domes-geodesic dome igloo-event dome-shelter dome-shelter domos
Clear Geo Domes For Rooftop Restaurant & Bar Overlooking the City

Shelter Dome provided two transparent geo domes for a rooftop restaurant & bar. Two clear

luxury eco resorts-glamping dome tents-Wadi Rum-shelter dome-shelter domos
Unique Luxury Dome Tents in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Shelter Dome has developed both 19ft(6 m) glamping domes and 16ft(5 m) dwell domes to

Garden igloo_greenhouse
5-meter-diameter garden igloo dome lights up your home

A garden igloo dome is versatile for all-purpose, including an outdoor living room, greenhouses, yoga

Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent: Overlooking Colombian Mountain

In Colombia, Shelter Dome provided custom 6-meter-diameter glamping dome igloos.

Geodome Tent-Outdoor Dome Tent-Outdoor Forest Instant Dome Tent-3
Whatever your needs may be, Geodome Tent delivers.

Shelter Dome provided a resort in Australia with several Geodome Tents to fulfill their needs.

Beach Dome Tent- Malaysia-Eco-living Domes-Dwell Domes-1
Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent – Providing Unparalleled Comfort

Beach Dome Tents provided by Shelter Dome will definitely provide you a unique experience.

Dome Projection-Indian-30-meter-diameter Illumination Dome-night
Dome Projection| Fulldome Cinema|30-meter-diameter Illumination Dome

This 30-meter-diameter Projection Dome locates in India and has an excellent capacity for lighting innovation.

Dia.15m Geodesic Amusement Park Dome Tent

Shelter Dome provides multi-functional amusement park dome tent to draw a crowd.

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