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Have you ever wanted to live or entertain in a home where you still felt like you were connected to nature and structure was portable? SHELTER DOME provides dia.3m to 80m living domes across many sectors from living, entertainment to studio and camp. Structured by steel/ aluminum pipe and covered by fabric/ polycarbonate panel/ glass, it illuminates with natural light and resists changeable weather. Not only is this home good for the environment, but it’s also an relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Browse our following living dome tents and feel free to call +86 139 2885 8552 or email us at [email protected] for more information.

Lodging Domes - Geodesic Glamping Tent - Glamping Dome Tent for Sale - Resort Dome - Portable Dome for Lodging - Shelter Dome (4)
6-meter Stunning Lodging Domes for Retreat, Resort and Campsite

Portable lodging domes as semi-permanent settings are a novel alternative for luxury resort accommodations or

5m / 16ft Pop Up Garden Igloo with Sunshade

The 10ft garden igloo just takes about two hours to erect on a lawn, a

Garden Dome – Dia.6m Glass Dome House for Chill Out Lounge

Covering an area of 28sqm, this glass dome house looks small but complete in every

Igloo Bar in Sydney - Small Geodesic Dome for Sale - Pop Up Dome Tent - Igloo Bars - Igloo Domes - Shelter Dome (3)
4m & 5m Pop Up Igloo Bar for Sale in Sydney

We have pop up igloo bars with clear membranes for sale. It's often a very

Shelter geodesic glamping tent with bay window - eco geodome house sale for resort, campsite, hotel (3)
Geodesic Glamping Tent for Eco-resorts and Eco-retreats

The geodesic glamping dome of 5 meters in diameter can pop up practically anywhere to

Geo Dome Glamping - Glamping Dome - Geodesic Glamping Tent - Dome Tent of 6m for Glamping - Shelter Dome (3)
6m Geo Dome Glamping for A Luxury Camping Experience

6m Geo dome glamping comes with a large bed, wooden deck and bathroom perfectly designed

Glamping Domes - Geodesic Dome-shaped Tents - Glamping Domes for Sale - Eco-resort Domes - Dome Hotel - Shelter Dome (2)
4 Glamping Domes Served as Eco-luxury Hotel Rooms

Tiny glamping domes for 2-3 individuals can be equipped with the cotton insulation layer, a

Geodesic Dome Greenhouse - Dome Garden Igloo - Dome Greenhouse - Greenhouse Dome Tent for Sale - Growing Domes - Shelter Dome (4)
Frequency 3 Geodesic Dome Greenhouse for Indoor Growing

Portable geodesic dome tents are gaining momentum on farming because they make the food production

Igloo Dome - Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (26)
Igloo Dome – 6m Glamping Structure for Sale

Shelter igloo dome hands down if you are looking for a living room for your

Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale - Clear Dome Tent - Transparent Dome Tent - Fabric Dome - Yoga Dome - Eco Dome - Geodome - Garden Dome - 5m Dome - Shelter Dome (16)
Garden Dome with Transparent PVC Tarpaulin as Chill-out Area

Seeking something different to help set your garden apart? Or looking for a structure can

Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (2)
Dome House Construction – Polycarbonate Greenhouse for Sale

This unique appearance of polycarbonate greenhouse allows you to add more modern elements to create

Ecodome - Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent - Dome Tent for Sale - Fabric Dome Structures - Eco Dome - Eco Dome Homes - Geo Dome Tent - Shelter Dome Tents - 6m Dome - Shelter Dome (7)
Dia.6m Portable Ecodome with Round PVC Door for Resort

Our ecodome with gorgeous dome shape, as an innovative structure, is ideal opiton for resort.

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inflatable medical tent for sale - temporary field hospital base