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Have you ever wanted to live or entertain in a home where you still felt like you were connected to nature and structure was portable? SHELTER DOME provides dia.3m to 80m living domes across many sectors from living, entertainment to studio and camp. Structured by steel/ aluminum pipe and covered by fabric/ polycarbonate panel/ glass, it illuminates with natural light and resists changeable weather. Not only is this home good for the environment, but it’s also an relaxing atmosphere for you to enjoy.

Browse our following living dome tents and feel free to call +86 139 2885 8552 or email us at for more information.

luxury eco resorts-glamping dome tents-Wadi Rum-shelter dome-shelter domos
Unique Luxury Dome Tents in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Shelter Dome has developed both 19ft(6 m) glamping domes and 16ft(5 m) dwell domes to

Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent: Overlooking Colombian Mountain

In Colombia, Shelter Dome provided custom 6-meter-diameter glamping dome igloos.

Beach Dome Tent- Malaysia-Eco-living Domes-Dwell Domes-1
Dia.7m Beach Dome Tent – Providing Unparalleled Comfort

Beach Dome Tents provided by Shelter Dome will definitely provide you a unique experience.

6m Snow Igloo Tent House with Insulation System

Dia 6m snow eco dome tent can keep warm with the help of insulation system

Geodesic Domes Tents For Glamping In Desert Forest Prairie Campsite Dome Shelter
Dia.20m Dia.10m Dia.8m Domes Tents In Desert Campsite

On Jordan desert campsite, Shelter Dome provide our clients 6 assembled domes tents.

Elliptical Dome for Glamping Accommodation in Campsite, Resort - Oval Dome Suite with Bathroom -11
Elliptical Dome House Sale for Campsite Accommodation

Elliptical dome suite serve for 2 person accommodation in campsite.

6m dome cabin with custom pvc fabric sale for glamping resort in Japan - spherical tent for 2 - 4 people accommodation (3)
6m Dome Cabin for 2 – 4 People Accommodation

6m dome cabin served as muliti-accommodation for graduation trip campsite.

Geodesic Dome Tent-shelter dome-shelter domos
Geodesic Dome House with Kitchen Facilities – Geodome Tent Sale

dia. 7m geodesic dome house with kitchen is suitable for short-term rental business.

7m transparent igloo marquee for sale - geodesic greenhouse dome serves as hot spring lounge room, reception hall (1)
7m Transparent Igloo Marquee Serves as Hot Spring Lounge

7m transparent igloo marquee serves as hot spring lounge and massage room on the hotel

glamping dome suite with bathroom-geodesic dome house in the wood-glamping village in france (7)
7m Glamping Dome Suites with Bathroom and Insulation

Dia.7m Eco living dome suites with skylight "window" for glam camping accommodation in the meadow,

5m 10m 15m yoga dome with bay window - geodesic gym tent for sports center, backyard, ecocamp, hotel (3)
Yoga Dome Supplied for Sports Center, ECO Camp, Backyard

Yoga dome allow enjoy the sport in any weather, any location. Different diameter for private

6m geodesic dome for glamping resort - living dome rental airbnb booking in australia
6m Geodesic Cabin Sale for Airbnb Hotel

Start Airbnb rental business? Geodesic dome cabin will be your perfect choice!

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