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Sale Outdoor Dome Tent for Pantene Indonesia - Shelter Dome

Outdoor Dome Tent for Pantene Indonesia

Outdoor Branding Promotion

In this project, we are happy to help P&G Indonesia to install our outdoor dome tent of 18 meters in diameter in the Space Senayan City for branding. According to the idea of the organizers, our event dome structure serves as a conference and promotion venue. After the event, the dome tent is used by our client for various events.

The shell for the geodesic event tent is made of a block-out cover with branding. The portable dome is decorated with a large panoramic window and one spacious round entrance. It is a compact tent which can be packed on pallets and transported easily. The client’s logo is printed on the outdoor dome tent cover, making it a fantastic medium for advertising at a variety of conferences and events.

The covered land size of this tent is over 250sqm without any interior column. The spacious and bright hall allows the facilities be arranged flexibly like a stage, floor systems, themed decorations, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.

We are happy to participate in the creation of this project. The project demonstrates the wide variety of possible applications of our geodesic domes, as well as the many benefits they offer. We are looking forward to delivering our products to the furthest corners of the world.

Why Choose Geodesic Dome for Brand Promotion

WOW Your Guests – Different from traditional frame tent, dome tent has the unique spherical structure which is eye-catching during the brand promotion.

Custom Brand Membrane – Shelter’s PVC painting service allow you to show the brand name, slogan, and other patterns.

Flexible Space – Without any interior pole, the whole space can be 100% used. The arrangement of chair, stage, and other decorations will be more convenient. Also, the guests could enjoy the show without obstruction.


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