Multi-purpose Dome Structures Serve for Campsite - Shelter Dome

Multi-purpose Dome Structures Serve for Campsite

Turnkey Living Space Solution for Jungle Campsite

If you want to run a campsite, dome cabins will be a good option for fresh campsite owner. As the leading dome tent manufacturer, Shelter Dome have supplied our dome tent products to the different resorts like a desert resort in the mid-east area and Airbnb rental business.

This time, our client wants to build up a multi-purpose resort with glamping living, catering, entertainment, and outdoor activities.  We offered 4 kinds of product for this jungle area including glass dome tent, geodome tent, elliptical house,  and connection dome with walkway tunnel.

Glass Dome Tent

It’s a cosy place to relax and feel more nature without walls. It also creates a 360° view of the outside even under a dome.

Eco Dome Tent

Multi diameter options for different capacity. The skylight window allows the guests to enjoy the starry night.

Oval Dome House

31sqm interior space with yuma appearance. The whole space could accommodate king-sized bed, bathroom and leisure facilities.

Connection Dome with Walkway Tunnel

Such kind of structure is suitable to be multi-application entertainment center for campsite, hotel, and resort.

Differences Between Shelter Living Space

Product Series Framework Cover Size Option Features
Glass Dome Series Aluminum Framework 1.076cm Thickness Glass or PC Panel Dia. 6m (28sqm);
Dia. 8m (50sqm)
Best Weather-resistance;
Auto Openable Skylight Window
Oval Dome Series Galvanized & Powder Coated Steel Tube
(Glossy Appearance; Anti-rust and Chemical Resistance.)
PVDF Membrane
(Compare with PVC Fabric: 1.5 times Tensile Strength;
Better Performance in UV Resistance and Chemical Resistance.)
31sqm Unique Appearance with Oval Design;
Suitable for Beachside Resort
Dome Tent Series Dia. 5m (20sqm);
Dia. 6m (28sqm);
Dia. 7m (38sqm);
Dia. 8m (50sqm)
Varieties Diameter Options for Different Capacity
(Max. diameter: 100m)

Special Offer - Luxury Lodge Tent

Recently, Glitzcamp has launched a new product of Peak Lodge Tent series – Multi-peak lodge tent. From the appearance, the roof curve of multi-peak glamping lodge is like a continuous mountain, full of natural beauty. Its grand appearance is so striking that attracts people’s attention in the first place. It is suitable to be set up in jungle resort, forest camp, safari park. Multi peaks tent will make an addition to your glamping business.


Connection Dome with Walkway Tunnel

Connection dome with walkway tunnel
  • 48sqm
  • 70 People

Glass Dome Series

  • 6m / 20ft
  • 28.26sqm
  • 3m / 10ft

Oval Dome Series

7m oval dome house for glamping living - geodesic dome structure for 2 3 4 people (18)
  • 31.4sqm
  • 2 – 3 People

Geodesic Dome Series

dia. 6m glamping dome for sale - geodome tent for jungle resort, hotel, campsite - 2 person accommodation glamping dome
  • 6m / 20ft
  • 28.26sqm
  • 3m / 10ft

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