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Staycation, the new glamping opportunity after COVID-19 pandemic


The Covid pandemic has forced the change in tourism direction, but the “Staycation” travel allow the people achieve the realisation within day trip distance from their home to other beautiful destination and does not require long-distanct flight.

Staycation is the new travel way of spending the weekend or short holiday from home to nearby destination is getting more and more popular. As the Covid pandemic, the tourists is going for some unique travel experience, like glamping accommodation, eco tourism, although they used to choose foreign destination.

Myogi Green Hotel, Japan - 50 minutes by high-speed rail

If you are seeking a great opportunity to start glamping business or expand a accommodation, staycation should be the good time.

It means that the tourists are going to desire the unusual destination where is not far from their home instead of traivelling aborad. If you are a campsite owner, you should add something “WOW” to offer the unqiue experience to your visitors. At the same time, the tourists would not give up the cozy accommodations other than breathtaking scenery or outdoor activities. A luxury geodesic dome could allow the visitors to own both eco and comfort.

The Lost Dome, Puerto Rico

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