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Options and Accessories from SHELTER DOME

Are you looking for geodesic dome options and accessories to create a new distinct look or reinvent an existing one? If so, look no further. SHELTER DOME supplies many accessories to customize your event and make it unique. Whatever interiors and ancillaries you require for your dome-shaped structure, we can probably provide it for you! Browse the options and adjust the dome accessories according to your needs.

Please contact us if you have any specific requirements.

Basic Package Includes

Geodesic Dome Frames - Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale - Frame Dome Tent - Fabric Dome - White Dome Tent - Event Dome Tent - Portable Dome - 25m Dome - Shelter Dome (5)

safe and aesthetic steel/ aluminum

Geodesic Dome Covers - Small Geodesic Dome for Sale - Pop Up Dome Tent - Igloo Bars - Igloo Domes - Shelter Dome (8)

high quality, strong and long-lasting

Additional Ancillaries

Geodesic Dome Linens - Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent - Geodesic Structure - Geodesic Dome Construction - Fabric Dome - PVC Dome - Catering Dome - 15m Dome - Shelter Dome (15)

put the finishing touches on your event

Geodesic Dome Lighting - 7m Geodesic Event Tent as Exhibition Stand - Geodesic Event Dome for Presentation - Portable Dome Structure for Event - Shelter Dome (4)

Lighting and Sound Equipment
light and audio-video equipment for your event

Geodesic Dome Flooring System - 6m Eco Living Dome - Dwell Dome for Sale - Dome House for 2 People - Shelter Dome (31)

stable and robust foundation for your dome tent

Glamping dome tent provides hotel-like comfort-glamping dome-Shelter Dome-2

clear vinyl windows or glass panel windows

Geodesic Dome Doors - 25.6m Sports Dome - Sports Domes for Sale as Badminton Court Cover - Geodesic Event Tent - Shelter Dome (13)

improve security and weather proofing

Walkways and Entrances - Geodesic Dome - Geodesic Dome Tent for Sale - Combinated Dome - Dome Tent with Tunnel - Dome with Walkway - Event Dome - Fabric Dome - Customized Dome - Shelter Dome (4)

Walkway Tunnels
an impactful entrance area or functional areas

Air Conditioning and Heating - 18m Event Dome for Sale - Branding Dome Structure for Pantene - Large Geodesic Dome with Panoramic View - Shelter Dome (12)

Air Conditioning and Heating
create and control the atmosphere inside your dome

geodome glamping-glamping dome-shelter dome-shelter domos-3

increase your energy efficiency

Geodesic Dome Branding and Printing - 10m Diameter Geodesic Dome with Printing - Custom Dome Tent for Sale - Event Geodeisc Dome with Custom Graphics - Shelter Dome (9)

Branding and Printing
a range of branding opportunities

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