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Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have any more then don’t hesitate to call on +86-139-2885-8552 or email us on [email protected]:


SHELTER DOME has over 13 years of experience in designing, manufacturing and offering whole space solutions. Our expertise in customization provides unlimited imagination in geodesic structure solutions. As an innovative product of SHELTER STRUCTURES, our domes always give you a stunning event. We also provide all accessories to light up your structure to be a memorable experience.

How Much Does A Dome Cost?

The dome price depends on its size, material and some accessories. Please kindly tell our sales team your requirements then we will give you a quote according to your needs. If you don’t know what kind of dome you should buy, our salesman will offer you a turnkey solution for your reference.

What Are Your Acceptable Payment Methods?

30% Desposit needs to be transferred to us after signing the PI (contract); The balance received before shipment.

Where Can You Ship to?

We can export our geodesic dome products and accessories anywhere in the world. But please kindly let us know your nearest port as well.

How Long Can I Receive The Dome Once It’s Ordered?

It depends on the distance between the two countries. Generally, the whole shipping time may require 3 – 4 weeks to most countries. Custom made dome structures will need more time for production. For the specific delivery time, please feel free to consult with our sales team.

Do You Offer Dome Renting?

No, currently we don’t rent domes outside of China. We only sell them to local retailer or rental companies. But our selling price is even cheaper than your local renting if you directly buy from our factory.

Do You Have Second-Hand Domes for Sale?

Yes, we indeed have some used domes in stock for sale. Please kindly let us know what size of dome tent you want and we’ll check the inventory for you. Though they’ve been used before, we take very good care of maintenance and we have some quality test and installation test before shipping to ensure their high quality.

Is It Possible to Get More Domes Jointed Together?

Yes. If you want, we can connect them with tunnels of different length to make a combined dome venue.

What’s The Size Range of Shelter Domes? Can I Have A Custom Made Dome?

Shelter dome ranges from 3 meters to 80 meters in diameter. Of course, you can have a custom-made dome. We can design a dome that meets your need. We offer 2D renderings for your reference for free. Even you can join the designing process. We will make your ideas and concepts into reality.

Is A Dome Durable Enough? What’s The Lifespan of Shelter Dome?

Yes. Geidesic dome tents by SHELTER DOME can be used for more than 10 years. We have 5-year warranty on the dome structures.
The dome framework is high quality Q235 steel pipe (anti-rust) which is calculated and tested as the strongest material for outdoor use. Dome cover fabric is made of the double-faced PVC coating synthetic fiber, which has the best performances in breaking strength, water-proof, block-out, UV-proof, flame retardant (B1 DIN 4102/ GB8642/ NFPA 701), jointed by high-frequency welding craft.

Can I Use Shelter Dome in Extreme Weather?

Its windload is 80 – 100 km/h. It can stand temperature between -40 degree Celsius to +70 degree Celsius.
But we highly recommend you use in moderate climate to ensure its long lifespan. If you want to set up a dome in extreme weather condition, please kindly let our tent expert know in advance and our engineers will design the dome tent that is stronger and fit for your condition.

Can You Make Dome with More Than One Door?
What Kind of Door Can I Choose?

Yes, large domes may need more than one entrance. We can design according to your requirement.
Optional Doors: round PVC door, double or single wing glass door, aluminum door.

Do You Provide Platform for The Dome?

Yes, we also can provide you wooden platform.

Do You Provide Any Floor for The Dome? Any Other Accessories?

Yes, we provide wooden floorcassette floor and carpet. Other accessories including linen, lighting, air conditioning etc. For more details: Shelter Dome Data.

What Ground Can I Set Up The Dome Tent?

Our domes can be installed on the concrete floor, grassland, beach even on the water.

Can I Have Window on The Dome?

Yes, we can make windows on your dome. Standard clear PVC window with zip, easy close and open.

Can I Print Only A Logo Or The Whole Surface?

Yes, you can print not only a logo but the optional color on the top.

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