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Creative Concept

We compiled our concept projects and concept ideas of standard and non-standard geodesic dome structures: large architectural forms, art installations, custom dome restaurants, functional vacation resorts, and more. These concept designs give you the flexibility to make your project completely custom. We are always here to help you carry out your project. Our world-class design team can do it all. To learn more about SHELTER DOMOS, contact us today.

5m 10m 15m yoga dome with bay window - geodesic gym tent for sports center, backyard, ecocamp, hotel (3)
Yoga Dome Supplied for Sports Center, ECO Camp, Backyard
Rmadan party dome=Ramadan dome for banquet, reception hall - spherical projection tent for sale
Rmadan Party Dome - Banquet Hall in Hajj
35m geodesic dome design of middle east style - pvc printing of dome tent in Shelter Dome
Geodesic Dome Design in Middle-east Style
transparent greenhouse dome in backyard, park, botanic garden -4
Greenhouse Dome for ECO Farm
6m world cup event dome geodesic dome shelter painting dome
World Cup Themed Painted Dome
Prefab Dome As Sporting Court Cover - Inconnected Dome (5)
Prefab Dome for Badminton Court/ Tennis Court
Dome - Geodesic Dome of 10m in Diameter (7)
Dome For Relocatable Tiny House
4 Linked Domes - 6m Geodesic Dome with Walkway Tunnels (6)
4 Linked Domes: Geodesic Dome Complex
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