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Choosing the Best Tent for Your Event! | Projection Event Tent

The event tent was finished to be installed in time and witness such an important event, the opening event of Hamad Port. The port plays an important role in worldwide trading by providing direct marine shipping routes. Thus, the opening ceremony is greatly concerned by people from all walks of life. When Shelter Structure was

Shelter Camping Dome Project | Japan Glamprook

A camping dome is an ideal glamping tent that removes the barrier between the room and nature.

Multi-size Dining Igloo — Create A Hot Outdoor Dining Space

Dining Igloo can help you break the limitation of weather in outdoor dining.

Multi-purpose Dome Structures Serve for Campsite

Shelter Dome offers turnkey eco living solution for jungle resort.

Glamping Living & Reception Hall Project in Desert Resort

Shelter provides Glamping dome tent solution on desert area.

40m Event Dome | Ceremony, Meeting, Projection | Shelter Dome

The 40m projection dome was loaded with a significant task, developing the ceremony to a climax. The 360°immersive projection cooperating with the speech leads the audience to walk into another world and immerse themselves in the story.

Glamping Bubble Tent for You to Admire Nature’s Extravagance

Glamping bubble tent offers to admire nature’s extravagance.

Get Vitamin D Levels up Fast with Our 4 Season Dome Tent

4 season dome tent is a Japanese-designed two-person tent. Use for outdoor excursions for a comfortable sleeping and living space.

How to Choose Eco Living Dome Tent

Mush read! How to choose living dome for your glampsite?

Glamorous Glamping Geodomes under The Stars

Have you ever been in a dome? Picture this: you’re somewhere in the middle of nature, away from cities, traffic, noise and pollution and you’re lying on the bed and admiring the sky, forest breezes and perhaps even the lullaby of a lake.

Luxury Dwell Dome in The Middle of Nature

Thoughtful furnishings in living dome provide luxury in the middle of nature. Sky views are best enjoyed at night when visibility of the Milky Way is at its best.

4 Man Dome Tent For Eco Resort | Custom Adjoined Dome

Shelter provided 5m & 6m adjoined 4 man dome tent to an eco-resort…

Hotel Domes With Full Facilities : Geodesic Dome For Sale

6m glamping domes with full facilities are superbly suitable for Dome Hotel/Bubble Hotel.

Glamping Domes With Hot Tub In The Caucasus Mountain

Shelter Dome provides two glamping domes with hot tubs to a resort located in deep of the Caucasus Mountains.

Unique Luxury Dome Tents in Wadi Rum Desert, Jordan

Shelter Dome has developed both 19ft(6 m) glamping domes and 16ft(5 m) dwell domes to bring guests distinctive glamping experiences in the Wadi Rum desert.

Glamping Domes With Hot Tub In The Caucasus Mountain

Shelter Dome provides two glamping domes with hot tubs to a resort located in deep of the Caucasus Mountains.

7m Glamping Dome Suites with Bathroom and Insulation

Dia.7m Eco living dome suites with skylight “window” for glam camping accommodation in the meadow, forest, and wood,

Dome Shaped Tent Revolutionize The Hospitality Industry

Your guests will undoubtedly return in order to share their fabulous experiences in our dome shaped tent with their friends and family.

Geodesic Glamping Dome – Alternative Accommodation

Whether you are looking for a midweek or weekend break with the family or just the two of you, our latest geodesic glamping dome additions will allow you with a comfortable and alternative holiday moment.

Glamping Geodesic Dome Tent: Overlooking Colombian Mountain

In Colombia, Shelter Dome provided custom 6-meter-diameter glamping dome igloos.

6m Snow Igloo Tent House with Insulation System

Dia 6m snow eco dome tent can keep warm with the help of insulation system in cold areas.

Geodesic Glamping Tent for Eco-resorts and Eco-retreats

The geodesic glamping dome of 5 meters in diameter can pop up practically anywhere to create an instant accommodation.

Unique 2 Person Dome Tent For Romantic Getaway

2 person dome tent is an ideal option for campsites owners to attract guests and boost profits.

6m Geodesic Cabin Sale for Airbnb Hotel

Start Airbnb rental business? Geodesic dome cabin will be your perfect choice!

4m & 5m Pop Up Igloo Bar for Sale in Sydney

We have pop up igloo bars with clear membranes for sale. It’s often a very great solution when you are planning for an extension of outdoor business hours.

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