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Large Dome Delivered - When We Say Big We Mean Big - Shelter Dome

[News] Large Dome Delivered: When We Say Big, We Mean Big

A large dome tent is delivered to the desert for a carnival event. It’s built in accordance with the highest standards of quality, safety, & functionality.

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Benefits of Growing Your Own Food Under A Dome Shaped Greenhouse - Geodesic Dome Greenhouse for Sale - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Benefits Of Growing Your Food Under A Dome Shaped Greenhouse

There are many types of greenhouses to choose from, but a dome-shaped greenhouse offers many benefits and effectively extends the growth of plants.

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Emergency Shelter Domes - Relief Domes - Portable Shelter - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Set Up Emergency Shelter Domes for the Hurricane Survivors

Emergency shelter domes from SHELTER DOME are a very fast & easy setup and they can be used in disaster relief and other emergency aid situations.

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Shelter Is Exhbiting at World Winter Sports Expo 2017

[News] We’re Exhibiting at World Winter Sports Expo Beijing 2017

Shelter is currently attending the World Winter Sports Expo in Beijing. Do not miss the presentation of our latest Sports Structures.

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Eco Dome for Glamping - Glamping Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Glamping Dome: The Right Structure for Eco Tourism

Glamping domes, as alternative structures are a popular trend for resorts. You can create unique glamping pods & give visitors a 5 star glamping experience.

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Geodesic Structure of Steel - Dome Shape Structure - Event Dome Tents for Sale - Exhibition Dome - Geodesic Event Tents - Shelter Dome

[News] SHELTER DOME Participates in GMIC Beijing 2017 G. Festival

What is the best place for the convergence of technology, music and entertainment to meet? That is definitely a large geodesic structure of steel covered with flexible covers – a space to the brand and technology experience!

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Geodesic Dome Structural Lifespan - Shelter Dome

[Blog] What is The Longevity / Durability of The Domes?

Geodesic dome features high structural stability and can be used as temporary or semi-permanent buildings. But what’s the longevity of the domes and what matters to their lifespan? Read on and you will know.

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Required Equippment You Will Need to Build A Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] What Required Equipment Will I Need to Build A Dome?

You should take into consideration the most effective and safe method.

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how to build a garden igloo dome garden igloo building steps

[Blog] How To Build A Garden Igloo

Here are 7 steps guidance on how to build a garden igloo.

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Geodesic Dome Structure - Geodesic Domes for Sale - Eco Living Domes - Sphere Tent - Spherical Structures - Dome Shaped Building - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Geodesic Dome Structure – Doing More with Less

With its minimalist design and the principle of geometry in construction, geodesic dome structure encloses the largest volume of interior space with the least amount of building materials and cost. Though less materials, the geodesic structure consists of triangles, which are joined together to form a stable dome. Thus the dome shelter can resist snow,

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Dome House - Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Polycarbonate Greenhouse - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (2)

[News] Dia.6m Dome House with Polycarbonate Panels for The CFCC Annual Camping Festival 2016

Tent Supplier of The CFCC Annual Camping Festival 2016 in Guangdong, China The First Luokeng Prairie Camping Festival and The CFCC Annual Meeting of Guangdong Branch were held in Luokeng town, Shaoguan on Nov. 5th-6th, 2016. This event focused on creating interesting and participatory, drawing a number of RV camping and outdoor enthusiasts both inside

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Dome Building - Geodesic Dome - Glass Dome Tent - Polycarbonate Dome - Portable Domes - Glass Igloo - Sphere Tent - Glass Domes for Sale - Shelter Dome (38)

[News] Showman’s Show 2016 Review – Dia.8m PC Dome Building

Review Shelter Dome Building at The Showman’s Show 2016 Shelter Dome has exhibited at the Showman’s Show which is the UK’s original and most comprehensive exhibition of products and services over the past few years. And for 2016 we also exhibited our latest and most innovative dome building – dome with polycarbonate panel. Here we are going

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