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start an airbnb by geodesic dome tent - glamping geodome house for sale

[Blog] How to Start an Airbnb by Geodesic Dome Tent?

Airbnb, a service-oriented website that connects travelers and homeowners with vacant homes. It provides users with a variety of accommodation information. As the fresh Airbnb provider, do you start brainstorming about the type of living space supplied to the travelers? Geodesic Dome will your perfect choice!

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Accessories for Geo Tent Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Ensure Unique At Your Event – Buy These 6 Accessories For Your Geo Tent Dome

With these 6 accessories, it’s possible to transform a blank dome tent into an extravagant interior space for hosting many different events.

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Immersive Environment Dome - Projection Dome Tent - Shelter Dome

[Blog] The Immersive Experience Under The Dome, Glasses-free

With the use of both sounds and images, the dome structure is often used at schools for educational immersion, science-based museums for temporary planetariums, or special venues for all kind of events.

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Happy New Year 2018 from Shelter Dome

[News] Happy New Year On Behalf Of Shelter Dome Team

The entire team at SHELTER DOME wishes you a year full of creativity and success in 2018!

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Geodesic Dome Care And Maintenance - How To Maintain My Geodesic Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Geodesic Dome Care And Maintenance Recommendations

Lists of geodesic dome care and maintenance that you can do and not do. Fabric domes require ongoing maintenance over the years to get the longest possible functional life.

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Geodesic Dome for Company Christmas Party - Geodesic Dome for Christmas - Reasons To Use A Geodesic Dome For Your Company Christmas Party 3

[Blog] 10 Reasons To Use A Geodesic Dome For Your Corporate Christmas Party

Why not consider a great outdoor company Christmas party in the great outdoors itself? Your amazing holiday party can start with a pop-up geodesic dome.

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Geodesic Dome Sale For Christmas And New Year - Holiday Dome Displays - Christmas Dome Structure - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Geodesic Dome Sale For Christmas And New Year Event

Modern holiday dome allows creating full-fledged displays for Christmas and New Year events in malls, in parks, on streets of the city and near water bodies.

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10 Luxury Campsites That Will Inspire You To Start Your Eco Retreat

[Blog] 10 Luxury Campsites That Will Inspire You To Start Your Own Eco Retreat

Designed to embrace the great outdoors, glamping domes are available in various locations. View how most refreshing hotels use domes in a super stylish way!

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Geodesic Dome Frequency - Shelter Dome

[Blog] What Is Geodesic Dome Frequency?

The standard geodesic structures of SHELTER DOME range from 2-frequency to 7-frequency. Whatever odd frequency or even frequency domes, we have your choice!

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Ideas For Creating Spooky Halloween Party Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Ideas For Creating Spooky Halloween Party Dome

There’s nothing quite like a geodesic dome tent to add even more fun to your Halloween bash. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Boost Your Brand with Promotion Geodesic Dome Tent - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Boost Your Brand With Promotion Geodesic Dome Tent

A versatile promotion geodesic dome tent is an appropriate solution that can help boost your brand and catch the eye of every potential customer quickly.

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[Infographic] Eco Dome Homes: What’s In It For Me?

Beautiful, practical, eco-friendly. Shelter eco dome homes are incredibly affordable and can be built with a diversity of budget and design options.

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