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A Guide to Design Staycation Spot


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How should the catering business and coronavirus coexist?


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Nestled in Incredible Countryside with Glamping Igloo Domes

What would be a good way to reset me for the new year? The thought of lying under the stars, up in the mountains in this crazy snow globe looking dome? Sold. Run your imagination wild with these stunning-style glamping igloo domes! Make some dying to share a memory! By saying that, I mean the

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igloo pod during winter

Geodesic Igloo Pods Experience During Winter

When thinking of glamping in winter, you might imagine an elegantly furnished safari tent with their canvas flaps pinned back, alfresco meals at a table under a canopy of twinkle lights, and days spent frolicking in the great outdoors. Dump several feet of snow on this scene and suddenly all that communing with nature doesn’t

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domes are completely free-standing during construction

Why Choose to Build A Geodesic Ball

A geodesic ball is a sort of structure shaped like half of a sphere or a ball. Imagine a soap bubble on the surface of the water. This geodesic structure is comprised of a complex network of triangles form a roughly spherical surface. As you can see, the more complex the network of triangles, the

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farm dome home

Thrive Your Farm with Agricultural Dome

Have you ever thought of living inside the farmland? Agricultural dome combines with housing settlement and the terraced farm lands.

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Forest Lodge – Nestled Inside The Bamboo Forest

Thoughtful furnishings in living dome provide luxury in the middle of nature. Sky views are best enjoyed at night when visibility of the Milky Way is at its best.

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Create A Glamorous Camping Memory with Desert Dome

Let’s face it: Camping in the desert is not for everyone. Whether it’s the bugs, sleeping on the sand, or the lack of plumbing, for some people, the Great Outdoors can feel more like a natural disaster than an adventure. A dry, hot desert may not sound like an attractive destination. Glamping in the desert—a

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How to Set Up Dome Camp in Wadi Rum within 40 Days

Starting glamping business in Wadi Rum? You may considerate how to start profiting from a luxury land to glamping and how to make the campsite unique? Now, you can own your glampsite with Shelter dome kits in 40 days. You will learn about setting up glampsite from the checklist we share.
Glamping business is the brilliant way to earn money through renting out the accommodation. Not only in Wadi Rum, you can also set up the tent in the idle land of your backyard to make extra income.
Let’s get started!

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SHELTER Dome Restaurant Creates Isolated Dining Space During Social Distancing

The dome restaurant can not only achieve effective social distancing, but also help you create a unique creative restaurant and create traffic for your restaurant.

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Social Distancing and Stopping the Spread

To slow the spread of COVID-19 through the country. The government encourages people to have “social distancing” daily. Staying at home, reducing social gatherings, and avoid unnecessary travel are essential during the outbreak.

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Myogi Green Hotel&Terrace Listed As Kukan Design Award Selected Work

In 2018, Shelter Dome completed a campsite project in Japan. Around a year later, it was chosen as one of the Kukan Design Award Selected Works.

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