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Specialist in the sale of geodesic dome structures

SHELTER DOME is an international brand subsidiary of SHELTER STRUCTURES, supplying a range of temporary and semi-permanent geodesic dome tents for indoor and outdoor events. It provides cost-effective, rapidly deployable and flexible spaces perfect for conferences, trade fairs, conventions, parties, sports, music festivals, marketing events, and even ideal for campsites and resorts.

We supply dome structures as well as turnkey space solutions for large high-profile events and projects all over the world. They come in sizes ranging from 3m to 100m in diameter to suit any event and location, all of which can be kitted out in vast of amount of accessories supplied by us. As the leading manufacturer of geodesic dome structures, we place special emphasis on providing products of the highest standards of quality, safety, and functionality. All of the products are crafted and maintained with care.

We have gained a reputation as a reliable supplier by integrating engineering, production & installation departments under one roof. Behind the state-of-the-art products are dozens of dedicated engineers, 3D technicians, the most talented designers, and hundreds of experienced workers. Brought in the cutting-edge production technology, all CNC drilling and cutting ensured high precision of every single piece. You can rest assured that your structure is in safe hands as the construction team will take their time to ensure every detail exceeds your expectations. Each product and procedure are under strict tests before delivery.

To date, we have completed numerous projects at home and abroad. “Support you anywhere at any time” not only by our structures but also the top-notch service. We look forward to working with you to create another masterpiece for your event.

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