October 2017 - Shelter Dome

Month: October 2017

Geodesic Dome Frequency - Shelter Dome

[Blog] What Is Geodesic Dome Frequency?

The standard geodesic structures of SHELTER DOME range from 2-frequency to 7-frequency. Whatever odd frequency or even frequency domes, we have your choice!

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Ideas For Creating Spooky Halloween Party Dome - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Ideas For Creating Spooky Halloween Party Dome

There’s nothing quite like a geodesic dome tent to add even more fun to your Halloween bash. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

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Boost Your Brand with Promotion Geodesic Dome Tent - Shelter Dome

[Blog] Boost Your Brand With Promotion Geodesic Dome Tent

A versatile promotion geodesic dome tent is an appropriate solution that can help boost your brand and catch the eye of every potential customer quickly.

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[Infographic] Eco Dome Homes: What’s In It For Me?

Beautiful, practical, eco-friendly. Shelter eco dome homes are incredibly affordable and can be built with a diversity of budget and design options.

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Large Dome Delivered - When We Say Big We Mean Big - Shelter Dome

[News] Large Dome Delivered: When We Say Big, We Mean Big

A large dome tent is delivered to the desert for a carnival event. It’s built in accordance with the highest standards of quality, safety, & functionality.

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