[Blog]10 Best Dome House Design for Glorious Glamping Resorts

Glamping — the quirky phrase for glamorous camping with full living facilities. More and more people desire to have glamping vocation where away from the modern city. In the market, there are different glamping site type for the tourists including luxury lodge resort, yurt, chalets, safari tent, bell tent, and dome house.

As the leading dome tent supplier, Shelter offers one-stop glamping dome solution for our clients including PVC fabric design, wooden platform, interior facilities idea.

Best 10 Glamping Dome Solution for Resorts and Campsite

As the campsite owner, you may be concerned about the dome tent design regarding the scales and budget.

ECO Campsite for Family Trip

This dia.6m dome ten is designed into a 4-people accommodation without bathroom facility. It is suitable for family trip and graduation trip.
Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 4 People
Facilities 4 1-m Beds
Our client also builds a supported facility for his campsite – multi-purpose dome hall. Here is a reception center, cafe and dining space for the tourists.
Size Dia. 10m
Application Cafe / Canteen

Starry Dome in Jungle Reosrt

With the wholly transparent appearance, the glass dome like a crystal in the jungel. The strong aluminum framework and PC panel create a comfortable living space in any weather. The glass dome tent will put your resort into next level.
Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom; Leisure Area
3 best quality glass dome in jungle resort - 6m geodome house for 2 people accommodation
4 eco geodome house in jordan desert resort - igloo marquee in mid-east style decoration

Dome House for Desert Campsite

Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom; Leisure Area

Catering Dome for Luxury Desert Resort

Our client designed a multi-purpose dining center for his luxury hotel in the desert. The whole space is served as dining hall, cafe, and reception center. Without any interior pole, the chairs, tables, and other facilities could be layout flexible. The whole space could in 100% utilization.
Size Dia. 20m; Dia. 10m; Dia. 8m
Capacity Total 900sqm
Application Canteen; Cafe
12 large dinning dome as luxury resort facilities - 15m, 20m, 25m prefabricated dome hall for sale
6 dome house suite for airbnb rental business - 7m dome tent with full living facilities

Dome Suite For AirBnB Rental Business

As the experienced AirBnB provider, our client designed a 7m dome suite with full living facilities for his guests. In addition of base facilities like bed, bathroom and leisure space, the kitchen and dining space are also under the suite.
Size Dia. 7m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom; Kitchen; Leisure Area

Dome House in Meadow Resort

The guests could enjoy such a wonderful view through the panoramic window. For uneven ground, we will offer wooden platform solution to fix any surface.
Size Dia. 7m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom
7 eco living dome in US campsite
8 best quality dome igloo in extreme weather area

Glamping Dome in Extreme-weather Area

If you are planning to build up glampsite in extreme-weather area, we will provide heat-insulation layer to create a comforation living space. With the stable triangle construction, the max. snowload on the framework could reach 0.5KN/m2.
Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom; Leisure Area

Lounge Dome for Rooftop Spa

After hot spring, the guests could enjoy the wonderful view under transparent PVC dome. Also, we install the solar fan as the ventilation system.
Size Dia. 7m
Feature Fully Transparent PVC
Application Lounge Area
9 transparent garden igloo in hot spring resort - 7m dome tent sale as leisure space
10 dome cabin for airbnb rental business - 6m dome house with full facilities in prairie resort

Dome Cabin

Start up AirBnB and Booking rental business in the idle land could be easy by dome tent. Our CNC cutting technology could provide different designs for panoramic window.
Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 1.5m Bed; Bathroom; Leisure Area

Dome Accommodation for Homestays Rental

Our clients installs 3 sets of dome tent in the idle land of the house and runs a homestays rental. The whole space could accommodate 4 people. It is a ideal option for family trip and friend’s vocation.
Size Dia. 6m
Capacity 2 People
Facilities 2 1.5m Beds
11 6m dome accommodation for private homestays - airbnb dome rental business