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Shelter Dome

Shelter Domos is a sub-brand created by Shelter Structures in 2017, specializing in glamping domes and event dome product in Spanish and North Americen market. So far, we have delivered thousands of dome tents all around the world and received high reputation from our clients and guests.

Worldwide delivery

Shelter Domes can be transported anywhere at the right time. Not only port to port, but door to door is also available.

Weather resistance

To adapt to different extreme weather and climate conditions, our team strives to realize a robust design from material to structure to withstand heavy snowfall and extremely strong winds.

Quick ROI

Most of our customers found the dome tent to be a fast and high ROI investment. Return on investment can be achieved for only one reason.

Years of experience

Take your campsite to the next level

Build in passion

Stylish and uniqe design

Both chic and practical, all the dome tent is designed from high quality material and stable structure.


You dedicated project manager could offer turnkey solution from product selection to interior design. Just install and enjoy your dome.



We can offer you diversified interior design plans according to your requirements and the environment of the campsite. Pictures of the interior effect and general representation of the camp are available. The effect that the interior functional division is reasonable and the overall style is unified and coordinated can be achieved. Beauty, comfort and practicality are essential.

Our clients


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